Whatever Happened To Fisi?

The way recent events have played out, it’s looking like Fisichella will end up in an uneventful seat next season. The only excitement he could introduce to the situation is that it would be red.

Massa crashes violently – Badoer steps in for two races and fails – Fisichella is handed over to Ferrari as Force India’s way of saying ‘we owe you money, so take our driver’ type of agreement – the excited Italian dubs the experience as ‘one of a lifetime,’ struggles slightly, notices the lack in confidence – Alonso is announced as 2010 Ferrari driver – Fisichella gets slotted into reserve driver.

What? I’m sorry but I don’t think this is what Fisi initially had in mind when he decided to move teams. From Force India driver challenging Ferrari for wins to Ferrari reserve driver, with barely any running time? I wouldn’t do that even if they payed me in the billions.

The 2009 rule that forbids teams to participate in any sort of testing session has been continued into 2010.

That fact makes me wonder what Fisichella could possibly do during his brand new Ferrari season. From super fast rising Force-India star to Ferrari substitute driver for the remainder of the 2009 season to third and reserve driver for 2010. If we were to map that out on a graph, it would most definitely illustrate a downwards curve.

It’s 8:25AM and I am watching Fisi walk down the pit lane after placing 16th during the Japanese Grand Prix qualifying session. He must be feeling numb, today tomorrow and next year. Ferrari is a dream team to be a part of, that I understand and feel with the Italian – but is it really worth sacrificing all that Fisi did? I’m not very convinced.


One comment

  1. Very, very weird choice. I wouldn’t do it either. It’s a shame…I loved seeing him race.

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