The Live Interlagos Blog.

Barrichello on pole, Button in 14th and Vettel in 16th are the only three things we really need to focus on tonight (today – depending where you are). 71 points, 85 points, and 69 points. 650.5, 672, and 683.5 kilograms are their respective weights for the race. And Nakajima follows Kobayashi as he exits the pits and clips his front wing causing a series of horrid events leading into the barriers. Yes, this event takes place on lap 31. We Lebanese need to suffer and endure the misfortunes of this country’s lack of constant electricity. In other words, my power went out for an hour and a half resulting in the first half of the race going with it.

It’s dry and during yesterday’s longest qualifying session in the history of the sport, it was too wet to race. When conditions were manageable, Raikkonen seemed to be in a world of his own. Ferrari wanted to give reason to their lack of performance during the last few races – a halt in car development – in order for Ferrari fans to keep their expectations relatively low. Yesterday, however, topping the timesheets in Q2 was good to see.

It is lap 38 and Barrichello is 3rd (6 points), Button is 6th (3) and Vettel is 7th (2). If places don’t change: 77, 88, and 71, Button is crowned Champion right here.

Did anybody notice Kubica up there in second? I barely even noticed him to be honest. It’s a shame they weren’t able to use the 2008 rules to their advantage. With their participation in 2010 still waiting on people in high places to give the nod, you can’t help but shrug away the last bit of interest for the team. At least that’s how I feel. Ten teams make up the field. Four more are announced to be joining next year: Campos, Manor, USF1, and Lotus. That makes fourteen teams, twenty eight cars. And if a third car is accepted I don’t even want to know how turn one at Monza will look like.

Look how fast the cars direct themselves left, positioning themselves just ahead of the pit lane. Wait for an in-car camera to really feel the speed – preferably Webber’s second pit stop.

Vettel pits on lap 57 from third – 5.8 seconds. That pit exit seems to be quite a challenge for the drivers: Hamilton, Webber and now Vettel sliding all over it. TNT is a new Brawn GP sponsor. Has anyone heard the ad for that? I don’t know about the rest of the world but here in the Middle East it is this little kid singing the ABC’s until he gets to T. I’m drifting.

Whatever Button gets here, Barrichello and Vettel need to be ten points behind him at most. After the second pit stops, Barrichello is 3rd (6), Vettel is 5th (4), and Button is 7th (2) which equals 77, 75, 87. Vettel would be out of the title hunt and it would bottle down to the two Brawn racers at the season finale.

And as I say that, Barrichello suffers a ‘slow puncture’, pits, and exits in 8th place. With six laps left, things aren’t looking too good for Rubens at his home Grand Prix.

Buttons race engineer announces a few drops of race are possible to creep in, as they begin lap 68.

With Vettel in 4th (5), Button in 5th (4), and Barrichello in 8th (1), the championship looks decided.

It’s funny how quickly assumptions can be reassured. And Massa waves the chequered flag – signaling the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix as Button is crowned World Champion, 29 seconds behind the race winner.

“We are the champions my friend, we are world champions, we are world champions,” Button shouts as Barrichello drives by his side to congratulate him.

As all the cars came to a stand still, all my attention was focused on Button. It took me a few minutes to realize the winner of the race was Mark Webber, his second of the season. As he teared on the podium (Kubica hadn’t been on the podium for a very long time and stood on the third podium rather than the second) scenes would alternate from Webber to Button hugging his dad to Webber to Button hugging his mechanics.

That wasn’t very respectable. At the same time, everyone wanted to see Button anyway: the 2009 F1 World Champion. I would have wished for a little more excitement, more of a fight. Whatever the result, I’m glad for Button and for Brawn as they deserve every bit of it.


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