Is Schumacher About To Shed His Ferrari-ness?

Rumors always emerge from one person’s assumption of a fact and ever since Brawn GP was sold to Mercedes, rumors began of a Michael Schumacher comeback.

It was unimportantly rumored, from various sources, that Schumi would be returning. Nothing was as serious as today’s announcement.

“Michael Schumacher has told Ferrari that there is a ‘very, very, very strong possibility’ that he will race for Mercedes-Benz in Formula 1 next year, team president Luca di Montezemolo has revealed,” reads.

Is Schumacher about to shed his Ferarri-ness? I can’t even begin to explain why my face is doing everything but smiling.

First, he is a large part of the Ferrari heritage. For the longest time, F1 fans that were into the sport for the image (and the prestige that came with F1) rather than for the love of the sport, would automatically attach themselves to the most successful team and driver: Ferrari and Michael Schumacher. The color red and zee Ge’man were embedded into each other ever since their unstoppable success began. This color-person relationship is timeless, even after Schumacher is gone.

Second, Mercedes was, very recently, part of McLaren – McLaren Mercedes – and the biggest thorn in Ferrari’s path to success throughout the years. Whenever Ferrari would come to mind, memories of various McLaren Mercedes battles would accompany them.

Third, imagine for some strange reason, he doesn’t succeed. Imagine that during his three years of absence from F1, the sport evolved slightly but enough for Schumi’s driving to dwindle. Would that be something he could accept? Would that be something fans could accept?

Forth, his name is on the Ferrari F430. He has spent countless hours consulting Ferrari’s road-car division for optimal performance. I wouldn’t want to own a Ferrari with a legends name on it who jumped ship to a main rival.

Fifth, why? Why is he coming back? He left with the F1 world at such a perfect time with his reputation and sporting career intact and fruitful. Always leave on a high…and don’t come back.

Sixth, what happened with his neck? According to Autosport, the deal between Mercedes and Schumacher is set and all that is pending is the status of the neck.

I am a big fan of Schumacher, of anyone really, who has the talent to perfect an ability so well. When the announcement was released during the middle of the season (that Schumi was making a comeback), Spa tickets were selling at 1 ticket per minute. There was no doubt he was helping out the sport – entertainment wise and financially.

As I mentioned in ‘Through The Winter Fog,” true Schumacher fans will diminish if this deal goes through. It’s like Kit-kat, Coca-Cola, Ketchup, the ‘red light’ street lamp. If all those things became silver, nothing would be the same. reads, “Di Montezemolo said that he believed that it was a ‘new Schumacher’ who was pursuing a future with Mercedes-Benz.

‘The real Michael Schumacher always told me he would finish his career at Ferrari,’ he said.”

Can you imagine the Kit-kat of F1 changing color? Can you comprehend Schumacher shedding his Ferrari-ness? I don’t think my mind and stomach can handle a change I spent years getting used to.


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