Castrol Answers Our Prayers

Okay, so I am sure Jenson Button acquires a driving skill superior to the rest of the Formula 1 field. Obviously being World Champion automatically entails such a judgement. For the decade that he dedicated to Formula 1, Button has found several words paired to his name: the smoothest driver in the field. But that’s not my point. My point is – now, you can finally satisfy your curiosity for knowledge of the greatest driver ever. There is no need to wait until Christmas time for the Race of Champions to see how Michael Schumacher attempts to fend off Mattias Ekstrom. It has always been debatable that NASCAR drivers need to be extra agile than that of a Formula 1 driver and visa versa. Race car enthusiasts would argue into the night with no conclusion, praying for some sort of objective statistic.

Castrol has answered our prayers with the Castrol Driver Rankings.

The Overall Driver Rankings © Castrol Rankings

Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with sheer strength and who can lift more weight. Imagine if all the professional racers in the world were in the same championship series – the Castrol Driver Rankings would be the ‘Drivers’ Championship.’

Here is how it works:

“1. The Index Score – Each driver is given a score depending on his/her qualifying position and race results from each event that counts towards the Castrol Driver Rankings. Additional points are given for the fastest lap, leading the race or rally, leading the most laps, finishing on the lead lap, most positions gained and starting the event.

2. Series/Event Weightings – The driver’s index score is then multiplied by a pre-determined weighting. The weighting, calculated by Castrol Performance Analysts, is based on the type of race or rally being contested. The more important the event, the higher the weighting. Points are then adjusted depending on the number of rounds in the championship – in order to equalize each series to a theoretical 20 rounds. For example, a race win in a 36-round championship carries exactly half the value of a race win in an 18-round championship with the same weighting.

3. Castrol Rankings Score – Every week, the drivers’ points are added to their previous points to provide a Castrol Rankings total, covering the last 12 months of competition.”

With 42 different series championships available to keep track of, every driver in motor sport can be monitored throughout any given period during their career. I will be using the Castrol Driver Rankings to:

First, track the success (or failure) of Michael Schumacher as he enjoys a return to Formula 1. During his first official test in the Mercedes GP he was quoted saying ‘In a way it is like 1991. When I came into F1 I was shocked on the first lap and extremely excited on the second lap and further laps. And it is exactly the same today. I feel like a young boy that has a toy in his hands and enjoys himself.”

Second, track the success (or failure) of Kimi Raikkonen who, as of late last year, announced his sabbatical from Formula 1 and into WRC. I admire Raikkonen – not for the level of ‘iceman’ he can achieve but for his composure even when under criticism at Ferrari for his mellow methods of working with the team.

Third, track the success (or failure) of newbies like Bruno Senna and Nico Hulkenberg and Vitaly Petrov (F1’s first ever Russian driver) and Kamui Kobayashi’s first full season.

Searches from the overall standings can be filtered by driver, by series, and by nation giving you a taste of the best from every list.

The Castrol EDGE Performer of the Month is awarded to the driver with the highest number of points during that month. Mikko Hirvonen, who has recently won the Monte Carlo Rally, is January’s EDGE Performer of the Month. Go ahead and guess February’s Performer of the Month and win big prizes.

“The 29-year-old Finn’s victory on the Monte Carlo Rally was a fairy tale result. It was the IRC debut for the Ford Fiesta S2000, the new Super 2000 machine prepared by the M-Sport operation of Malcolm Wilson, which runs the factory Ford Focus team in the WRC. Hirvonen, who was pipped to last year’s WRC title by Loeb, was the logical choice to drive it. And he responded by leading the rally from start-to-finish.

The result boosted Hirvonen to fifth in the Castrol Rankings and laid the bedrock of what could be a climb up the table – as long as his WRC campaign in Wilson’s factory Ford Focus machines goes to plan,” reads.

And so, debates concerning the quality of NASCAR drivers and Formula 1 drivers has finally come to a satisfying and objective end thanks to Castrol. Now let us all unite and enjoy pure and hardcore racing.


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