The LG F1Racing Global Fan Survey 2010

Ever since LG announced it’s partnership with Formula 1 a little under half a year ago, life has been quite good. LG has become the title sponsor of F1 Rocks – the new partnership between Formula 1 and Universal Music Group – and no other music icon/racing series pairing can be better suited for one another Universal Music and Formula 1. In my opinion, they should stop making movies about random comic book heroes and spend quality time on a Formula 1 adventure.

But I’m drifting off topic.

LG felt the need to do more and they have with a global fan survey for 2010. All you have to do is visit .

Help to shape the future of F1TM

Voice your opinions today.

We want to hear from the people whose opinions matter the most in Formula OneTM – you, the fans. The global fan survey carried out by LG Electronics and F1 Racing Magazine, in association with FOTA, is the only worldwide poll of Grand Prix fans. Commissioned by the sport’s key decision makers, it offers you a unique opportunity to share your opinions on everything from your favourite drivers to next year’s rule changes.

The survey won’t take you long and you may help influence the future of the sport.

You will also get the opportunity to enter our competition and be in with a chance to win one of three $1000 cash prizes to spend on LG products.”

If we scream loud enough maybe, at some point, the FIA and FOTA will hear. Banning in season testing? Banning refueling? FOTA voting against KERS? Cutting costs is fine by me but we need to continue moving forwards and into the future so that one day Formula 1 cars can run on batteries or even Hydrogen. Is the current points system what we need to have more overtaking? What are the first five sponsor brands that come to mind?

I know you want to change the way we experience F1.


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