I Can Smell The Start Of F1 2010..Can You?

The new F10 looks hot..even though, at first glance, looked a little less aggressive than the MP4-25. Fernando Alonso, in his tenth season in Formula 1, having driven a Renault in 2005 and 2006 that brought him two World Titles, says that the F10 is the greatest car he has EVER driven. Those are big words…big words that make me feel like Ferrari are getting it together. Even Button finds time to admit ‘I think the Ferrari is a very strong car. If you look at their runs, they’re very consistent. I think they have better consistency than anyone at the moment.’

That dark-olive green Lotus makes me feel as though a little bit of history is back in F1. Virgin Racing have an attractive livery and seem to have the package needed to climb to success. Lotus will get there first.

The points system has been changed with seven points between first and second places. Refueling has been banned resulting in teams trying desperately to pitt in around three seconds. Ferrari, over the Winter break designed a new cone-shaped nut that fits better with the wheel gun.

KERS is gone, tire warmers are gone, and so is the phrase “McLaren Mercedes,” and the words Brawn GP, Toyota and Kimi Raikkonen.

Michael Schumacher is back, Lotus and Virgin Racing are racking in the miles on track while USF1 and Campos, however, are nowhere to be seen. Ken Anderson, USF1 co-founder, is pleading with the FIA to miss the first four races… Where have they been? An F1 car doesn’t build itself. Poor Bruno Senna wishes he was somewhere else as Campos has yet to put a car on track. Stephan GP has taken over Toyota and are rumored at wanting to hire Jack Villeneuve.

The F1 grid is fat and full of top teams with the best drivers. Winning a championship is never as rewarding as it is when the best of the best are competing. Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, and Redbull, all have the potential to beat the best for the 2010 World Championship.

I’m also curious to see how Vitaly Petrov will get on at Renault. Will he be better at Kubica’s game?

F1 is looking colorful this year, more so than previous years. Change always looks good, no matter how ugly it might be at its beginning stages.

This year might just be our best.

Can You Smell It?


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