F1 Reveals The 2010 Safety Car: The Mercedes SLS AMG.

Nothing can describe the carbon fiber bits, the subtle curves and gull wing doors. The Mercedes SLS AMG is the German car maker’s trophy and milestone for having split with McLaren. The fight has now begun and Mercedes (might not be ahead, but) is in the spotlight once again as this year’s Safety Car.

2010 F1 Safety Car

I remember walking down the pitlane at Sakhir in 2007 on a Thursday afternoon. I didn’t want to be anywhere else. Everything was in its place. Teams were just beginning to emerge from behind the walls in preparation for the start of the 2007 season. I walked down the lane – starting with Force India all the way up to Renault. I caught a glimpse of Adrian Sutil walking in the other direction towards his team and I just managed to get an autograph. Juan Pablo Montoya, on the other hand, sat inside his garage laughing along with his engineers. The more I shouted his name, the harder he ignored and my heart shattered.

A few minutes later, however, what sounded like a lion roared to the left of the Renault garage. One lion became two lions and as I looked, the Mercedes CLK 63 AMG and the C63 AMG Estate made their way out onto the track. They were beginning as scheduled for the morning: a grueling, full-throttle run around the track for approximately 30 minutes. As I continued to take in everything at once, I couldn’t help but pause in my place as the lions roared past the wall facing the track. I could barely see the roofs of both cars fly by. What a tease. What a roar.

This years elegant retro supercar in completely stock for F1. At 571 horses, it is the most powerful F1 safety car to date. If you order your own SLS from Mercedes, you will be able to drive an exact replica of the safety car Bernd Mäylander hones to keep the cars in check.

No black series, no tuned engine (other than AMG), no F1 alternations – just pure Mercedes beef.


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