Alonso Clocks 1:54:099 In P3 As HRT’s Chandhok Packs-up

It has been quite difficult to put my finger on the quickest driver. Yesterday’s practice sessions looked as though most teams were testing fuel loads, tire graining and overall balance. With this year’s biggest rule change being the absence of refueling, race strategies have to be re-worked, pitstops have to be perfected and drivers need to maximize performance and minimize wear and tear. Flat spotting tires could cause even more damage this year than it previously has.

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari’s new F1 wonder, closed the third round of practice sessions on top at 1:54:099 seconds.

Michael Schumacher has been one strange character. Red Bull F1 Spy spotted him in the driver’s briefing yesterday, saying he “..strode into the press conference, sat right in the middle, glaring, arms folded. It’s like Darth Vader’s in the building..” Read it as you wish: is he being anal and stuck up or composed and focused?

Karun Chandhok, the first Indian Formula 1 driver, has yet to make his debut due to technical difficulties. According to the talk during P3, the regulations will not allow Karun to take part in the qualifying session unless he has put in some track time during one of the three practice sessions. There might be a way to squeeze him in, however.

Senna was able to manage in eleven laps during his debut but was the slowest of the new teams – Virgin’s Glock and the pair of Lotus drivers just in front of him.

Why didn’t Force India want Chandhok? That’s what I can’t seem to figure out. Everything else about the team seems to scream punjabi. Karun says he was fine with it but I can’t imagine being fine about to begin my first season in Formula 1 in a brand new team, while Team Lebanon’s refusal sits nicely in my mind bank.

Ferrari and Redbull have just confirmed that they will be designing something similar to McLaren’s wing design. All they need, really, is to take a look at the nose and air vents as the cars pass by and that should be enough for them to replicate something similar. It’s always the same. A revolutionary design goes from the revolutionary team, one moment, down to everybody else the next. five minutes.

My money is on Fernando.


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