Mark Webber Tweets His Frustrations Away

F1 Redbull Racer, Mark Webber, better known as AussieGrit in the tweet world, has released some of his post-Bahrain frustrations:

“Wow! New rules, not sure huh? Why do they keep dicking with it? Followed Mercedes power for the whole race, no chance to overtake – again.”

And I am afraid to say he is right. Things seem to be going downhill.

Nick Fry also expressed his worries stating that changing the sport technically would need money – tons of it. That is not one of the directions F1 wants to visit due to their attempts to cut costs. Another direction would be through the sport, the spectacle.

The first step, I think, to an exciting race, needs to be the tires. The Renault F1 Team tweet-feed discussed tires on Sunday:

“Soft tyres on the cars in front have held up incredibly well.”

..which is not something you want to hear either.

Martin Whitmarsh also suggested having a rule obliging teams to pit twice during a race. That would at least shuffle the grid a little.

Having Bridgestone slightly alter the components of each compound would be a great step: soft tires would last maximum 18 laps while hard tires would last half a race distance, maximum. That way two pit stops would be required.

Since we’re on the topic of tweets, Toro Rosso tweeted an interesting Formula 1 fact during Saturday qualifying:

“Jaime pays 400 euros for speeding in pit lane this morning. Just 1.2 km/h over limit. Ouch!”


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