Vettel Takes Second Pole At Albert Park With 1.23.919

Vettel takes pole, his second of the season with teammate close behind in second for a 1-2 start. Alonso keeps close watch in third.

The RedBull’s are super quick – all through quali.

Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes seems to be the order of teams in terms of performance.

The second round to the F1 Championships is underway and everyone is hoping the show will improve tremendously. Will Albert Park, being a different track than Sakhir, yield different results? Will Australia’s show be that more exciting? I am guessing – possibly.

1. Rain. The rain is always fun – adding several addition stops depending on when it pours. A handful of the new drivers will be sliding off track and into the grass. Nothing is clear regarding the best performing wet car, either.

2. Driver adaptation. Ecclestone mentioned it being only a matter of time before the drivers settle down to the new rules (full tanks and various tire compounds). Sakhir was a cautious testing session. During the 49 lap race, drivers were looking for that comfort zone. In addition to fuel and tires, 24 cars are now on track – six of them, almost always, two seconds off the pace. That is slow traffic. This weekend it will improve slightly. Drivers will know where to pit, will experiment more on with tires on the first stint and eventually drive more aggressively.

The McLaren’s showed a lot of pace during qualifying as the RedBull’s and Ferrari’s keep them in check. I was going to say that it’s anybody’s race within the top six drivers, but seeing Redbull’s end the session 1-2, I have my doubts that any other team possesses that speed.

For an exciting race, my money is on Fernando, sitting quietly yet eager, in third.


One comment

  1. My money is on Mark to win…kind of…well, maybe. 7 years of following Mr. Webber and his rotten luck has taught us all a thing or too.

    Go Mark! Ciao

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