Vettel Jumps Button In Castrol Driver Rankings

If you visit regularly, you will notice a small green and white box to the right of the articles you choose to read. The top five drivers from more than 2,000 within motorsport racing, listed and ranked, are permanently displayed.

1. Jenson Button (F1) – 21,354
2. Sebastian Vettel (F1) – 20,982
3. Sebastien Loeb (WRC) – 18,871
4. Jimme Johnson (Sprint Cup) – 18,492
5. Rubens Barrichello (F1) – 18,383

This week, things are slightly different:

1. Sebastian Vettel (F1) – 21,260
2. Jenson Button (F1) – 20,938
3. Sebastien Loeb (WRC) – 18,871
4. Jimme Johnson (Sprint Cup) – 18,492
5. Mikki Hirvonen (WRC) – 18,246

As you can notice, Sebastian Vettel has finally overtaken Jenson Button after a 6-month pursuit.

“Although the Red Bull driver retired from the race – as he did last year – he achieved a higher score than he did 12 months ago in Melbourne by virtue of his excellent qualifying performance.

This meant that while Button took a superb first McLaren victory in the race, his failure to repeat his pole of 2009 meant that his points total decreased by a large enough amount to drop him behind Vettel, who has been steadily closing in on the World Champion over the past six months.”

If that wasn’t quite clear, let me explain. Imagine you were driving in the 2009 F1 WC. There were two races on the calendar and you retired from one (one being Melbourne). In the other, you were victorious. Those results, including fastest lap, laps led, and other statistics, produce a specific score, according to the Castrol Analysts. In order to maintain or improve on that score, you will need to improve on the results of 2009.

Because Vettel achieved pole position at this year’s Melbourne GP, it improved last years result (no pole and a DNF). Button, on the other hand, placed fourth on the grid in Australia this year and won the race. His results last year were identical yet with a pole position. Because he didn’t match last year’s results: Vettel overtakes him.

That’s basically how things work, in a nutshell.

Rubens Barrichello looks to maintain the downward slide from 4th overall. His Williams Cosworth was never going to be able to replicate his 2009 success.

Michael Schumacher looks to be emerging from behind. From being non-existent on the rankings to achieving 9 Formula 1 points in two races, Schumacher has jumped 261 places just this week.

The Castrol Driver Rankings is the place to be for up-to-date driver activities and their overall rankings.


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