Vettel takes his 3rd pole of 1.34.558 for a rainy Chinese Sunday

Vettel makes it 3 poles in four races just ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix. Also worth some of your time to think is that RedBull Racing have been the only team, this year, to achieve pole position. They’ve been quick but not as reliable as they had hoped for.

Vettel takes pole again. Does that mean he deserves the win? Him as a driver, of course – two points from taking the Championship lead. Him as the whole (RedBull Racing) team..not so much. F1 is a team sport and the driver is only as good as his team. If Adrian Newey cannot design a car capable of making it to the finish, then Vettel is to pay the price.

The McLaren’s were quickest during Friday’s two practice sessions. They aren’t a truly accurate indication of who is quickest, but it can hint at who might be in the top five. Button admitted his 5th place was due to tire warming issues, which is understandable. What really shocked me was Hamilton’s Q3 result of 6th place, after having topped Q1 and Q2. Even worse, he didn’t even know why. That’s not a good thing to have on your mind before Sunday.

Okay, Kubica said he is happier in 2010 fighting for points with Renault than he was fighting for wins in BMW. At first read I thought, what an idiot. But I noticed..he’s smiling more in pictures and the feedback we’re getting from his experience at Renault sounds excellent. He qualified eighth and says His BMW years were like this: we (you and me) get a chance to race in Formula 1. That is a dream come true, obviously. Now imagine our team manager is your worst boss you’ve ever worked with. I’m guessing that’s how Kubica felt, not specifically to his boss, but the atmosphere was not right for him. At Renault he seems at ease. His podium position says quite a bit too.

The Mercedes pair qualified 4th and 9th for tomorrow’s race – Rosberg a whole seven tenths quicker. It’s obvious Michael is still struggling as he cannot seem to get the best out of his car during qualifying. Rosberg has out-qualified his teammate all season. I am waiting for Schumacher to come alive again. I know it will happen. Time heals all wounds.

In Bahrain, Australia, and now China, Alonso has qualified in third place. I don’t worry much about him during qualifying because whatever position he secures, he manages to make up half a dozen during the race. The Ferrari race pace (with the exception of Malaysia) is quick, very quick.

Take a look at the times. First place (in Q1) was a 1.36.317 and last place was a 1.40.578. That is a four second gap. In Bahrain we saw time gaps of almost seven seconds between the new teams and the experienced. I like it and I’m all for new teams entering in 2011.

Vettel for the win..if his car can deliver.

If not, Alonso is always hungry.

Why don’t I consider Webber? I feel he’s too rough around the edges at the moment. He needs some sanding and smoothing out. He’s a great driver. He just hasn’t been up at the front very often. When at the front, you need to think differently, long term, the finish line and not just down the straight.

Did someone say rain?


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