Vettel and Hamilton get ‘reprimanded.’ I hate that word

According to reports from, the stewards have decided to reprimand Vettel and Hamilton for their dangerous driving down the pit lane during the Chinese Grand Prix. They decided to reprimand them. I hate that word.

rep-ri-mand (noun)

– a rebuke: to express sharp disapproval or criticism of (someone) because of their behavior or actions.

That’s it? Both drivers get scolded for their driving? A lot happened in that twenty-something second run down the pit lane.

1. Hamilton was unleashed at an unsafe time – a time when Vettel was alongside him.

2. Hamilton had a large oversteer moment while attempting to maintain his position.

3. That oversteer moment could have turned into a 360 degree turn and a much more serious problem – one that could have injured pit crew.

4. Vettel decided to edge towards Hamilton towards the end of the pits, pressuring him to concede.

And all they get are some frowns and pointing fingers? By the title, ‘Vettel, Hamilton get a reprimand,’ I was expecting them to be demoted from their positions (either entirely or at least have several positions taken away from them).

If we take a look at the FIA Sporting Regulations, they state the following:

23) Pitlane

23.1 (J): It is the responsibility of the competitor to release his car after a pit stop only when it is safe to do so.

That was clear enough, don’t you think? The stewards are quite strange at times. Either follow the rules and penalize consistently, or do not bother to at all.

Hamilton gets his 18 points as Vettel gets his 8. I disapprove.


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