Webber takes Second Pole of 1:13:826 for Monte Carlo

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Monaco is a destination I love watching. Regardless of the entertainment levels, the circuit layout, the buildings, and the yachts are such a pleasure to see.

Can Redbull Racing keep it up? Barcelona brake problems seem to have followed the team to the coast of the Principality. Vettel (or Webber) might have very different race outcomes this weekend if the brakes are not rectified. Coming into the weekend, teams were concerned with the safety of Q1: 26 drivers, 17 slots in Q2 and 20 minutes to put in a clean lap around the tight circuit.

Constant focus is needed as was demonstrated poorly during P3 this morning. Alonso lost control and damaged his car badly. With him topping the practice timesheets on Friday, this might be his greatest season regret. Six minutes in, Kubica emerged out of the tunnel waving his hand at a slower back marker. A lot of the field was backed up at Rascasse as drivers attempted to distance themselves for a clean lap. Q1 was by far the most exciting I’ve witnessed all season.

I take that back. Q3 was by far the most exciting I’ve witnessed all season. I love a dark horse. I love when a driver comes out of the pack and unexpectedly does what Kubica did. Not only was he pushing it has hard as he could, but his car was handling like a cheetah hunting down a gazelle.

Webber starts on pole for the second straight time this season. Can he deliver in Monaco? Kubica is a consistent driver. Except a good showing from him. If Vettel has no problems he could definitely fight for the win. Massa was quick throughout all sessions and his fourth spot might have been due to not finding a clean lap. The Mercedes duo disappointed in sixth and seventh. Their Q1 runs were impressive, especially from Rosberg. Liuzzi, in tenth, might be in for a few more points.

I’m all for Kubica to take the win. One, because change is good and entertaining. Two, because this win could be just what Renault need to really believe they have what it takes.


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