Webber takes third pole in a row in Istanbul

Webber takes his third pole position in a row at Istanbul Circuit and I am most definitely starting to lean into his group of fanboys. It’s interesting to see what a little bit of confidence does to a driver. It’s key to a driver like Webber, one that hasn’t enjoyed much success during his career. He never really appeared on my radar as a driver that really harnessed such talent. Now he can’t be none other than title favorite, at least in my books.

There is only so much a driver can take in terms of team battles. Webber’s first pole and win of the season was understandable and quite manageable in terms of emotions from Vettel. Webber’s second pole and win put Vettel slightly off. He wasn’t his cheerful self at parc ferme neither during the press conference. All of a sudden, he has realized that Webber might just be a big thorn in his side. Seeing that they both run the same cars, Webber might be Vettel’s biggest thorn.

“It wasn’t the way we wanted to celebrate the 800th GP. Unfortunately, today we had not enough performance to fight for the top places,” says Ferrari on their Twitter page. Q1 was underway and Alonso was up in third. I thought to myself: “Alonso must be feeling good participating in qualifying again..” I spoke too soon as Q2 unfolded and he failed to clock a top ten time due to a driver error. He ran wide on his final run. Post quali, Alonso mentioned his driver error made no difference. He was a tenth slower. Ferrari were off the pace.

Wherever Webber is, you will see me backing him up.

I’m also quite fond of Renault these days. Their improvement from last year’s car is impressive. Both Kubica and Petrov made it into Q3 quite easily and confidently securing 7th and 9th.

My money is on… do I even have to mention it?


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