Don’t even bother with Suzuka

I am beginning to lose hope.

The Japanese Grand Prix was another one of the season’s boring races – along with Bahrain and several others I can’t even remember.

Australia, Spa, and Singapore were several of the best races this year. The action on track was there for one, and two, it was raw.

The Suzuka Circuit ©

For Sukuza, I felt robbed from my sleep. Qualifying was postponed due to constant rain on Saturday and that meant I had to be up at 4am on Sunday morning (Lebanon time) for quali and then 5 hours later for the race. It’s exciting, at least for me, to shuffle your daily routine around for a race. ‘Oh my God, you are staying up until 4am for a race?’ It also brings always needed attention.

But I wish I had stayed asleep. Suzuka was a disappointment. Why? Because the top five positions, yes also the top five in the championship, were at distances that never saw a decent challenge. With the exception of the start and the remaining 5th of the race, nothing really had me jumping out of my sofa/bed.

Because of that, the camera crew had to find other battles for positions in midfield and at the back.

We need to find a solution for that. Formula 1 cars are still managing to create gaps in between each other that bore the hell out of their fans. We removed all extra flaps and winglets (beautiful additions to an F1 car) and tried to minimize downforce. Slick tires were added and still not one race has resembled that of a GP2 race.

At least, if there is no nearing solution, allow fans access to view the race however they want. I want to view the race from Alonso’s on board camera. The whole race. You might want to watch the night vision camera capturing his foot movements inside the cockpit or the way his eyes twitch while dodging a stranded car on track.

I want control. At least some of it. Don’t you?

Next: Korea.


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