Your chance to fly to the Abu Dhabi GP for free

Tag Heuer’s Beirut Souks Boutique is your little window of hope, if you don’t have it in you to purchase a round trip ticket, a 4 night hotel stay (the extra night for F1 driver spotting is a must) and grand stand tickets. it can get quite pricey for an end of year spending spree.

Decent grand stand tickets (for the three day weekend) are about $600 – first turn grand stand seats in Bahrain, considered to be the second best tickets, were $345. You catch my drift here. Without a doubt, you will be spending money in Abu Dhabi.

So how about let Tag Heuer take care of it, then? Run along and visit their newly opened boutique at Beirut Souks and get yourself into a draw to win an all expenses paid trip to the GP. Sounds cool? Oh yes. I never win these types of things so I pass my hope onto you.

Since we’re on the topic of Tag Heuer, Radio One features them on the morning show at around 8:45am – stupid easy questions that you should get right if you know the brand.

This morning’s questions was ‘who is the celebrity advertised in the ads?’ are somewhat along those lines. I knew the answer but was not quick enough to get through. You can win yourself a $100 gift voucher.

$100? I think that would be good to buy you a nice Tag Heuer key chain and…nothing else.


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