Alonso wins his first wet race in Korea

That was a race nobody could have predicted. At one point I didn’t even think we’d see the first Korean GP unfold due to the massive rainfall the morning of. The race started under the safety car only to be red flagged once again 2 laps later. Thoughts began to flood through: will we have enough sunlight to race? If the race is stopped, will half the points be awarded – 2 laps have been completed and this does constitute as a proper race. Charlie Whiting has a bitch of a job. It was surprising to see so much of the circuit properly completed yesterday. From the reports from journalists and drivers themselves making first impressions, things would have seemed disastrous. Nevertheless, Korea was one of those races we can proudly place under ‘exciting.’

The Yeongam Circuit ©

55 laps on, Alonso came out on top, Hamilton managed to maintain second place and Massa took the last podium spot..barely.

I can’t put my finger on Massa at the moment. Okay, he had a near death experience last year, but he has fully recovered. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have been allowed to race. There were rumors going around that he might be replaced next year only to have those rumors shot down by Ferrari soon after. There were several moments during the race where I thought Massa had a good chance to overtake Hamilton and minimize the pressure for Alonso. But nothing happened. Then again, after Vettel smoked to a stop, all three top drivers were super close together and that was Massa’s second chance to overtake Hamilton. I’m glad he made third but would want him replaced in 2012 if some improvement in his form weren’t shown soon.

Both McLaren’s openly revealed that their strategy for the race was to be to ‘race aggressively’ according to an post. One of then did, Hamilton, while the other, Button, not so much. Button had been struggling for grip and warmth in his tires all weekend and wasn’t very comfortable. Hamilton was so incredibly upbeat during the second safety car period, eagerly waiting for the race to begin.

Lewis: Much better than it was before.

Pit: Okay, thanks Lewis.

Lewis: The track is fine. The visibility is good. I have three cars in front of me and I can see. Start the race.

Lewis: Are other people complaining? What’s the reason why we’re not starting?

Pit: Lewis, we think other driver’s don’t have the same enthusiasm for starting the race at the moment.

Lewis: Well it’s a wet race. What do they expect? I am on the main straight and I can see good enough. I’m sure for guys at the back it’s a bit more difficult but that’s how wet races are.

I found that to be the most entertaining time during the Safety Car periods. You can indulge with me, here. Also, while you’re there, don’t forget to download the McLaren screensaver. It’s super – full of telemetry and info, constantly updating with every race.

While Hamilton was jumping up and down in his seat, Vettel didn’t think the conditions were good enough, complaining that he could not see the braking zone into turn 1. Wait, if he couldn’t see the braking zone into Turn 1 (and keep in mind he has no spray from a car in front of him) and Hamilton, enjoying Alonso’s back end and spray, could, then something is not right. At times I felt Vettel wanted to push for the race to be stopped in order to guarantee his 12.5 points. I didn’t like that.

Schumacher did well I have to say, bullishly making his way up the order in the rain. He loves the rain – always has. He finished a respectable fourth place and it feels good. I feel there is a little in all of us that wants to see him succeed. Whether enemy or fan of Schumi, we need him back to be the great driver and competitor.

Webber lost focus for one moment. One moment led to him creeping onto the curbs a little more than he should have, resulting in a little too much loss of grip, a spin, slight smack into the barriers, and a collision with Rosberg. What a shame and all his doing, really.

Sucks! Don’t understand why Webber didn’t hit the breaks.It was crazy (evidently) to roll back over the track. Now seoul+plane in morning, nice to get home, said Nico on his Twitter page.

Now for Redbull to go from the favorites in Korea to a double DNF is shocking. It was as if, the moment Vettel began nagging about the visibility, he knew something was up. I felt like he wanted the race to be stopped so that whatever problem he was having would not have time to unfold. After that radio call, Alonso began catching him and as he came to overtake him, Vettel’s engine gave in.

What a shock. Alonso now leads the championship from Webber and Hamilton. If Alonso wins this championship by less than 7 points, this will be a super example of why team orders is important to the sport. If he wins by more than 7 points, then we can just call it damage limitation.

Moment of the day: Hamilton’s eagerness to begin racing.

Driver of the day: Fernando Alonso.

Two races left and I can’t hold still.

Who’s got tickets to Abu Dhabi?

Brazil is next.


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