Ecclestone shits on a wing

The newly introduced movable rear-wing is being shat on by none other than the big man himself: Bernie Ecclestone. After quite wise words from current world champion, Sebastian Vettel, Bernie is having a rethink of the tech that was put in place to replace the banned F-Duct of last year.

Sebastian was reported saying that the rear-wing was only in the 2011 rules to satisfy the television audience. Didn’t Trulli just say (in my earlier post) that additional rules and regulations, technologies and movable bits will confuse the viewer? So why add it in the first place?

“To me this system looks pretty dangerous. What if the wings are not up again before the corner and the driver is lacking downforce? That could easily lead to incidents. We have to observe it carefully,” said Bernie.

Yes, fine, good point. But why make assumptions before the start of the season? F1 needs to change and nobody said it was going to be easy. This change is also going to need abundant amounts of optimism and I don’t see very much of it at the moment. For all we know, it could work perfectly well.

It will be up to the driver to put the tech to proper use: lowering the wing when necessary and raising it again when necessary. Simple.


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