Bahrain’s Grand Prix window is closing

The Bahrain GP went from 2011 season opener to canceled/postponed, a slight possibility of slotting into the summer break – ruining everyone’s three week plans away from the track, a larger possibility of Bahrain becoming the season finale and just recently maybe even off this year’s calendar all together.

While the people of Bahrain rally for their rights to better living on the island, the FIA scrample to rectify the lone race. I would have loved if news came that Bahrain were to take up a spot after the Brazilian GP. What wouldn’t have made sense, if that were the plan, is that teams would have to fly to Abu Dhabi then all the way across the world to Brazil and then back to where they had just left for Bahrain. I’m also assuming that Brazil and Abu Dhabi would be switched (or the FIA would look into it as a possibility at least) but that would also distrupt shipping schedules, hotel bookings etc. A huge pain.

Bahrain has declared the country under Martial Law: a law applied by the military authority in an occupied territory in order to maintain public order and safety. That is a pretty big step into the degree to which Bahrain is suffering as a country. It also puts the Bahrain GP at even further risk.

May 1st still stands as the date the FIA has given Bahrain GP officials to resolve the political troubles and propose a new date. The problem is, however, the King of Bahrain declared his country in a state of emergency for the next three months. Three months from now is June 16, far from the FIA’s deadline.

If the King can prove that his country can host a race without any politics involved, F1 will return immediately. Until then, it will remain off the calendar. What a shame.


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