About Me

Ramzi Ayash

I am an F1 enthusiast and have been since Juan Pablo Montoya’s employment in 2001. Little did I know, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen were both beginning their long and lustrous careers that same year, in a sport that was to become part of the reason for my existence.

I am optimistic, selectively selfish, and incredibly passionate. Those three words aid my quest in consuming all of Formula 1’s vigor, until the end of time – or until they realize money can be better spent elsewhere (in building road cars?).

Currently, I am the Editor of T3 Middle East Magazine here in Beirut, Lebanon. By day, I soak myself in everything tech/gadgets. By night I indulge in video games, everything Apple and Formula 1’s latest developments.

If the blue Twitter button (to the left) makes you feel uncomfortable you can alternatively click here: @Ramz_eh.

Sakhir Circuit PitLane - March, 2006



  1. Hermano

    Beautifully written. About time the world was exposed to your eloquence.

  2. Dear Ramzi,

    In your overview of all the web resources available for the LeMans 24h race, RaceFansTV has the 1988 and 2009 LeMans races available here (free): http://www.racefanstv.com/channels/sports-car/european-lemans

    Would you take a look and consider mention us in a post?



  3. Dear Ramzi,

    Since you are using many of my images, I would like you to add a link to my website with every image. For that, make “© The Cahier Archive” under each image a clickable hyperlink to http://www.f1-photo.com

    Thanks, Paul-Henri Cahier

    • ram

      Hi Paul,

      Adding a link to the caption does not work. Alternatively, when visitors click on the image, it will take them straight to your site. Each caption will always include “© The Cahier Archive.” I hope that is fitting enough.

      Thank you for the superb pictures.

  4. Middle East Sports News

    Dear Ramzi,

    Please could you send us your personal Email on mesportsnews@gmail.com? we would like to get in touch with you.

    Thank you

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